High Certificate - Tropifame

WSQ Higher Certificate in Floristry Operations

(Requirements: 7 Core + 3 Elective Units)

  • Monitor the quality of fresh flowers and plant materials (FL-FP-201C-1)  

    Ensure quality of materials during conditioning, storage, maintenance, delivery, hygiene practices and provide customers with after-sale care and education.
  • Perform advanced wiring techniques (FL-FS-201C-1)  

    Perform wiring for specific floral constructions in the preparation of floral products.
  • Identify flowers and plant materials and their use in commercial floristry (FL-HS-201C-1)  

    To identify flowers and plant materials, including the identification of flowers, foliage, plant materials and potted plants. Also, to apply knowledge of seasonal availability, lifespan, desired features and characteristics for floral design.
  • Demonstrate application of the elements and principles of design (FL-DS-201C-1)  

    Applying the elements of design to produce a floral product, including the use of drawing and sketching skills to enhance the florist’s ability to interpret and prepare graphic illustrations of proposed floral designs. Also, to apply the principles of composition, unity, proportion, accent, balance, harmony and rhythm in a number of floral design forms.
  • Prepare and arrange fresh flower bouquets (FL-FS-202C-1)  

    To prepare and arrange fresh flowers as bouquets in design forms which may include circular (posy), spiral (strauss), vertical hand-tied, modern hand-tied and biedermeier. Creatively use bows, wraps and accessories to dress the bouquet in tandem with the celebration and needs of client.
  • Prepare fresh flower arrangements using a base medium (FL-FS-203C-1)  

    To prepare a number of arrangements based upon a variety of design forms to include circular (posy) bowl, fan-shape, asymmetrical and symmetrical triangle, vertical, crescent and Hogarth curve form. Prepare arrangement in a container using variety of base mediums.
  • Prepare and arrange items for wedding groups (FL-FS-201E-1)  

    To Prepare a range of appropriate wedding floral products for the wedding group.
  • Prepare and arrange items for condolences, memorial tributes and funeral arrangements (FL-FS-202E-1)  

    To Prepare a variety of simple to advanced condolences, memorial tributes and funeral arrangements based on client’s orders.
  • Prepare and arrange venue décor for events and special occasions including weddings (FL-SV-201E-1)  

    To prepare floral products to enhance the venue for events and special occasions and to include a wide selection of floral items, décor and finishing touches for the event or occasion.
  • Comply with Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures (ES-JS-101G-1)  

    Perform work activities in a safe manner at the operations level as they demonstrate understanding of the importance to comply with safety and health policies and procedures.

*All information is extracted from www.wda.gov.sg/floristry

Eligibility Criteria:
Singaporean & PR's

Higher Certificate Course Fee (Incl GST, Registration):
Full Fee : $7457.90
80% Subsidy : $2081.90
95% Subsidy (*WTS Holder Only) : $1073.90
*WTS letter must be presented upon registration.

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