Certificate - Tropifame

WSQ Certificate in Floristry Operations

(Requirements: 8 core + 2 elective units)

  • Use and maintain tools, equipment, floral hardware and work areas (FL-FS-101C-1)  

    The unit covers skills and techniques to identify, use and maintain tools, maintain and clean equipment, identify, prepare and use floral hardware, store and maintain silk, dried and simulated flowers and clean work areas.
  • Perform basic wiring techniques (FL-FS-103C-1)  

    The unit covers skills and techniques to prepare wiring, using different gauges of wires, use of basic wiring techniques and the application of floral tape to finish floral product.
  • Dress floral product with bows, wrappings and other decorative accessories (FL-FS-102C-1)  

    The unit covers techniques to identify and construct bows with various types of ribbons and other suitable materials, materials and methods for wrapping, forms of boxes, bags and containers and the use of other decorative accessories for a variety of basic commercial floristry products.
  • Pack and dress hampers (FL-FS-102E-1)

    Participants will have the knowledge and application skills to pack and dress hampers.
  • Recognize and select flowers and plant materials for use in commercial floristry (FL-HS-101C-1)

    Aid and support the skill to correctly select quality fresh flower and plant materials stock which includes basic plant knowledge, the functions of the main plant structures and desired features and characteristics.
  • Assemble fresh flower bouquets (FL-FS-104C-1)  

    Assembling flowers as bouquets in basic design forms which may include flat wrap flowers, circular, spiral bouquet and hand held sheaf.
  • Care and store fresh flowers and plant material (FL-FP-101C-1)

    Receive stock, grade and check quality, minimize cross contamination, condition, treat and store fresh flowers, use appropriate containers for storage, dye floral material and maintain and care for potted plants.
  • Assemble fresh flowers using floral foam (FL-FS-101E-1)

    Assembling basic design forms which may include circular (posy) bowls, symmetrical triangle, asymmetrical triangle and horizontal arrangement in various traditional, formal or informal styles, using one or more colours or varieties of flowers.
  • Recognize the elements and principles of design as applied to floral artistry (FL-DS-101C-1)  

    Recognizing the principles and elements of design and colour harmony in nature, art work and floristry. The skill of drawing and sketching will enhance the florist’s ability to prepare simple graphic illustrations of design.
  • Workplace safety and health – Operations (ES-WSH-101G-1)

    Perform work activities in a safe manner at the operational level, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of safety and health policies and procedures.

*All information is extracted from www.wda.gov.sg/floristry

Eligibility Criteria:
Singaporean & PR's

Certificate Course Fee (Incl GST, Registration & PPE):
Full Fee : $6,998.10
80% Subsidy : $2,006.10
95% Subsidy (*WTS Holder Only) : $1,070.10
*WTS letter must be presented upon registration.

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